Consensus AMOMUS N. 2 **

Dear Hon. Dr. Craig Wayne,

If you don't mind, I would like to make this letter public as "Consensus AMOMUS N. 2",  the UMMOA's second important legal opinion. There are some real important reasons for doing this, as you will soon discover.

The Cesidian Root came to life under very strange circumstances back in September 2005. I am convinced that only The Almighty could have been behind such a development.

The Cesidian Root has since become a full-fledged Internet root (November 2005); became a complete Internet (January 2006); became an intercontinental Internet (March 2006); caused the founding of the new nation of the UMMOA (January 2008), its territorial establishment (May 2008), and its juridical establishment through the recognition of an IGO (July 2008); caused the first major national economic transaction with the sale of the .ANT TLD to the Government of Antarcticland (July 2008); caused the massive introduction of micronational (and royal) TLDs (August 2011); was the first UMMOA organisation to gain the Consultative Status of an international organisation (December 2011); caused the first important media article about itself, the UMMOA Governor, and Ummoagian culture in general (March 2012); and is now a global Internet with root servers on all major landmasses except Greenland and Antarctica.

In the past the Cesidian Root has introduced micronational TLDs without any specific economic or diplomatic incentive. It was more a show of micronational technical sovereignty than anything else. We have proven that micronations are nations exercising soft power, not the hard police state powers that are often exercised by nation-states.

Yet one micronational TLD introduction had to be deleted, since this was paradoxically requested by one pathetic micronation (the Principality of Hutt River); the introduction of the .SEA TLD for the Principality of Sealand did not cause any specific advantage for the UMMOA, nor have other micronational TLD introductions created any specific advantage; and we have actually regretted other TLD creations, for their micronational leaders did not exactly show any gratitude for the introduction of their TLDs in the Cesidian Root.

The Cesidian Root is maintained with the hard work, servers, and financial contributions of idealistic volunteers, myself included among these. These DNS gurus are such masters that we are the only nation on earth, who is not a signatory of the Antarctic Treaty, but who nonetheless maintains domains like the (Terra Fabiana) or (Anti-Antarctic Treaty System) in the Antarctic virtual space of the Cesidian Root, and right next to standard Antarctic domains such as (Antarctic Treaty).

Notice that while the Cesidian Root is quite capable of taking over ICANN, US Government, or legacy TLDs completely (we have actually taken over the .UM that was abandoned by the US Government in May 2008), we actually prefer to use legacy TLDs in a diplomatic or cooperative way, you can say in a 'feminine way', in a way which does not violate the at least equal rights of other nations.

Where there is a party in power (the Powers That Be, UN member states, or the ICANN), it is democratically reasonable for an opposition party to also exist (the fifth column that is the real political Fifth World, who are the founders/regents of the potential SIGNOR Games, and of the working Cesidian Root). There is no two-party democracy in the ICANN root's Antarctic virtual space, but that is not the case of the Cesidian Root!

This observation also brings forward a new kind of legal and technical logic: the only nations who have a genuine right to a micronational or alternative TLD, are those nations who are actually part of the Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth Worlds (non-UN Worlds), aka the 'Sixth Part of the World', or the political Fifth World, i.e. the anti-Powers That Be.

These nations are part of the Fifth World either because they are actual UMMOA nations claiming a potential UMMOA-based embassy; UMMOA-friendly nations who have signed major treaties with the UMMOA; or nations who are friends because they help to maintain or improve resources like the Cesidian Root, and other organisations with a clear political Fifth World personality.

It is clear that the Principality of Hutt River is not a Fifth World nation, since it is not part of, nor desires to be a part of, the actual political Fifth World.

It is clear under this legal and technical logic, that the Conch Republic is not a 'Fifth World nation' as it claims to be, for the political Fifth World cannot logically contain only a single monopolising nation, and real Fifth World nations must be the natural opposition party to the Powers That Be, to UN member states, or to the ICANN.

It is clear that while the Principality of Sealand is not an enemy of the political Fifth World, it is not a full friend either. Other nations and micronations also have a working TLD in the Cesidian Root, but have not shown any special gratitude, and clearly do nothing to maintain the Cesidian Root as a resource for new or powerless nations. Nations like this should be reminded of the words of Revelation 3:16: "So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth."

It is also clear that enemies of the UMMOA like the propaganda-driven nations of the Empire of Atlantium and Empire of Austenasia, are not Fifth World nations either.

I believe that you have all the qualifications of a Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) member, and through your hard work the Principauté du Nouveau-Texas (PNT) may also become a MPR member nation. The UMMOA doesn't often sign treaties or MOUs, since we consider them insignificant or passive, but we fully participate in the building of coalitions of nations like the political Fifth World, and the working and effective organisations they have the potential to support.

We believe that the Cesidian Root deserves to be supported as much as possible. Any one individual who supports the Cesidian Root either directly through his IT work and/or servers, or indirectly through donations, aka the (volunteer, not forced) payment of UMMOA taxes, is considered both a Fifth Worlder and a de facto Ummoagian. Any nations who contribute in a similar manner, are considered Fifth World nations and UMMOA nation friends.

The Principauté du Nouveau-Texas (PNT) is also free to sign all of these treaties:

By signing the GPGPT, MOGPT, and SDT, the PNT can begin to claim to be a 'Sixth World nation', at the very least.

By signing the AATS, the PNT demonstrates it believes that Antarctica should have two governing parties, not just one. The current system, headed by certain UN member states, is anti-democratic, and should be vilified at every opportunity one gets. By signing the AATS, the PNT also demonstrates to be a 'Sixth Part of the World', since it proves to have a real right to at least a small Antarctic research station base, and to exercise sovereignty over at least that small piece of Antarctica.

By signing the CTT, we cannot guarantee the development of a working .PNT at this moment, for all the reasons mentioned above, but by signing the CTT the PNT is certainly showing to have a genuine right to a micronational or alternative TLD, since it is a real part of the political Fifth World (i.e. the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Worlds, or non-UN Worlds) as a signing nation.

The first three treaties can be signed by any High Minister (such as the Head of State/President, or Head of Government/Prime Minister), of any nation or micronation. It shall be assumed that the signing party or parties are at least of junior adult (14 years old or older) age under Cesidian law, yet no confirmation shall be sought for the purposes of ratification until needed or required.

The last two treaties can be signed only by the High Minister of a nation or micronation, under his Official World legal name, who is of full adult (21 years old or older) age under Cesidian law, but the treaties cannot be fully ratified under any High Court of Law unless the Head of State is also of the Age of Majority according to Cesidian law, can present such evidence with Official World documents, and has also signed the AATS and/or CTT.

We believe that the Cesidian Root represents a clear and more inclusive alternative to the ICANN, and its genuine support is indicative of political Fifth World membership.

However, since it is probably true that the first SIGNOR Games will not happen without the actual help of the Italian National Olympic Committee (Italian: Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano or CONI), while the Olympic movement deserves some criticism, the SIGNOR Games are actually not an alternative to the Olympic Games, but multidisciplinary games which supplement the Olympic Games. Any support, direct and indirect, of the SIGNOR Games or SIGNOR Games organisation, is also indicative of political Fifth World membership.

It is clear that while other micronations are interested in bilateral treaties without real consequence with other micronations, the UMMOA favours coalitions of nations and micronations with unique political philosophies.

It is through active and wider coalitions (multilateral treaties), and not passive and limited treaties (bilateral treaties/MOUs), that true alternative governments are established, and their powers can grow.

We welcome you personally as a potential new MPR member, and the Principauté du Nouveau-Texas (PNT) as a potential new 'Sixth World nation', a potential 'Sixth Part of the World', and we hope, as an active and sustaining member of the political Fifth World.

Kind regards,

HMRD Cesidio Tallini, 17 September 2012 (J:26J2012)

** Latin Note: The Latin term for the UMMOA is AMOMU (Archipelagus MultiOceanicis Micronationum Unitarum), and follows the atypical fourth declension form ending in "-u", such as the declension "cornu, cornus", and whose singular genitive case ends in "-us".