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Coat of arms

Coat of arms

Motto:"E Interrete Libertas" (Latin)
"From the Internet, Freedom"
Anthem: Allegro composed by Stepan Ignatiev
Map of UMMOA
Territory 29 islands, atolls, archipelagos or points scattered across the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and Indian Ocean; one Antarctic continental territory; one diaxenospitia
Location(s) Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Indian Ocean and Antartica
Capital Cyberterra (CT) [geo point]
Largest City Fifth World Community (5WC) [diaxenospitia]
Official Language(s) English and Italian superofficial; French and Russian official; any other language with good translators can be granted official status, since one of the national missions of the UMMOA is "to preserve as much linguistic diversity as is practical, culturally desirable, and economically feasible".
Leadership Hon Most Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini
Date of foundation 19 January 2008
Date of territorial establishment 6 May 2008
Date of statal establishment 14 September 2011
Area circa 7,695 km² (2,971 mi²) for insular area, 432,000 km² (166,796 mi²) for continental area
Territorial Disputes with US, Belize, Portugal, Haiti, Colombia, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Marshall Islands, France, Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius, Seychelles, India, Bangladesh, and Kiribati
Declared Disputes with US (US Department of the Interior)
Nationals (nominal) 68 (as of 5 November 2013)
Indigenous nationals 3 (4.41%)
Recognised Tribes Ryamecah (RY) (Native North American), Hernici (8ED) (Aboriginal European)
GDP The UMMOA government does not treat the private wealth of its individual nationals as collective or national wealth, as it finds nothing legitimate with this imperialistic and parasitical practice. UMMOA nationals or Ummoagians have a nationalised wealth worth a current market value of 43,366.62 Euro (59,295.05 US dollars), or 637.74 Euro (871.98 US dollars) for each UMMOA national — figures as of 22 December 2013
Currency Cyberterra dollar (CTD) [≈ 0.625 USD]
Time zone(s) CMT or UTC + 1 (no DST), or West Africa Time (WAT)/Congo-Kinshasa time;
local times vary between UTC + 12 to UTC – 11
Internet TLD(s) The UMMOA uses .com, .net, .org, .gs and .pe on the global root, as well as several other gTLDs and ccTLDs; the full .um, .ummoa, .amomu, .island, .islands, .state, .atoll, .bank (prior to banq word adoption), .reef, and the partial .tf and .aq TLDs have also been used in the past through the UMMOA's alternative root
Calling code +808 (Midway, Wake, etc.)
Organisational Memberships
Patron Saint The Patron Saint of Cyberterra, the virtual capital, is Saint René Descartes (13 December).

In January 2007, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) reportedly dropped the .UM country code top-level domain (ccTLD) from the master list of domain names in response to the domain being unused, and the desire of the University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute (ISI) to divest itself of responsibility for the domain.

Since the US still legally assumes that Roman law extends to the Internet (false assumption, because it can be demonstrated that Cesidian law really governs the Internet); since the .UM ccTLD also legally represents the United States Minor Outlying Islands, a statistical designation defined by ISO 3166-1, and consisting of 9 or 11 insular United States possessions (map); officers of the Cesidian Root, an intercontinental Internet independent of the ICANN, were prepared to legally occupy the .UM ccTLD as soon as ICANN and the ISI abandoned it. Like any seaworthy ship abandoned in international waters, any pirate could have legally occupied the .UM ccTLD.

Once the .UM ccTLD was legally occupied, the President of the Cesidian Root would have used the legally occupied .UM ccTLD to legally annex the United States Minor Outlying Islands (if the US can occupy the Internet based on territorial claims, then the reverse should also be kosher from a legal standpoint...), and would have renamed the islands the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA).

There were even Italian and Interlingua translations of the name of the new country. The Italian version of the new country's name was the Arcipelago Multi-Oceanico delle Micronazioni Unite (Amomu). In Interlingua the country was the Archipelago Multi-Oceanic del Micronationes Unite (Amomu). Tallini even had a national motto ready ("E Interrete Libertas", or "From the Internet, Freedom", a beautiful flag, a coat of arms, and two additional TLDs for the country's use, the .UMMOA and .AMOMU ccTLDs (later, the .ISLANDS was also established for the UMMOA's use).

Unfortunately, these things were no secret to Cesidian Root operators, but were also no secret to US intelligence officers, who are spying on everyone's emails and possibly even undisclosed Internet files, especially the emails and the files of the folks of the Cesidian Root.

The .UM ccTLD was not abandoned immediately. In November 2007, at the registry website of www.nic.um, a message stated that "Registration is CLOSED at this time. We are only accepting Registrar Accounts." In December 2007, registration was opened with an "Annual Account Maintenance" fee of $1,200 and a $30 annual domain registration.

None of these actions, of course, make sense under a purely economic point of view, and in fact there are no active .UM sites other than the registry itself. These actions would make sense, however, if the sole true purpose of the company is essentially to preserve the sovereignty of the United States over the islands of the UMMOA, and to fend off any possible legitimate and brilliant attack by a rogue Internet like the Cesidian Root.

Moreover, the United States Minor Outlying Islands are not quite a "territory" by International legal standards anyway since:
  1. The US Minor Outlying Islands are grouped together entirely as a statistical convenience (they are not a real territory in Montevideo Convention terms, even though the entity is associated with real natural islands);
  2. The US Minor Outlying Islands are not administered collectively (they are not a real country or state);
  3. The US Minor Outlying Islands do not share a single cultural or political history beyond being currently uninhabited islands under the sovereignty of the United States (they are not a real nation).
Given these characteristics, the UMMOA is more legitimately the property of a federation of autonomous and scattered micronations, than the claim of an otherwise legitimate country the size of the United States.

On 19 January 2008 the www.ummoa and www.amomu domains came alive in the Cesidian Root. The Hon. Most Rev. Dr. Cesidio Tallini, who is already Governor of Independent Long Island, Founding Member of the Commonwealth Nations Research Society, President and Founder of the Cesidian Root, and Bishop of the Cesidian Church, started a first Independent Long Island-registered organisation called the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA), for the expressed purpose of providing each macro- and micronational member of the organisation an UMMOA-based embassy, so any micronation can stand on legal ground in Montevideo Convention terms.

The UMMOA shall exist on the legal foundation called jus cerebri humani, since it is, in essense, the intellectual creation of Tallini, as much as new and distinct territorial claim. Since Tallini was born on Independent Long Island, but not on any of the islands of the UMMOA; since the UMMOA has no indigenous population; Tallini, and any national of the UMMOA federation, has become a citizen of that country by naturalisation (jus via naturalisation).

On 6 May 2008, the UMMOA legally invaded the U.S. namespace, and annexed the 11 insular possessions formerly known as the United States Minor Outlying Islands.

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Nota Bene: the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) no longer supports, nor will sacrifice any of its potential national funds to, 501(c)(3) organisations. No exceptions will be made to this rule.