UMMOA: a country truly like no other



Coat of arms

Coat of arms

Motto: "E Interrete Libertas" (Latin)
"From the Internet, Freedom"
Anthem: to be established
Map of UMMOA
Type of entity Multi-oceanic archipelago of 12 insular possessions
Location(s) Pacific Ocean; Caribbean Sea; Adriatic Sea
Capital Cyberterra (virtual)
Largest City Fifth World Community (5WC)
Official/Semiofficial Languages English, Italian, Interlingua
Leadership Hon Most Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini
Date of foundation 19 January 2008
Date of territorial establishment 6 May 2008
Date of juridical establishment 22 July 2008
Area 34.3 km² (13.3 mi²)
Population No indigenous population;
42 UMMOA Nationals
Nations with claims
  • Pirate Nation
  • Promolands
  • Baltic Principality
  • Dharmaland
  • Sovereign Nations Oasis
  • Duchy of Carniola
  • Oasis Open City
  • Free Republic of Alcatraz
  • Principality of Valldemosa
  • Royal Kingdom of Eesha
  • Kingdom of Amethonia
  • Sovereign Order of Ahellia
  • GDP No figures available
    Currency Ideal currency conceived, but still under development
    Time zone CMT or UTC+1 (no DST);
    local times are between UTC-12 and UTC+12
    Internet TLDs .um, .ummoa, .amomu, .island, .islands, .state, .atoll, .bank, .reef, .tf (alternate root)
    Calling code +808 (Midway, Wake, etc.)
    Purported organisational structure Governed by a kind of federation of Fourth, Fifth and Sixth World nations
    Organisational Memberships
  • Federation of International Blue Cross & Blue Crescent Organisations
  • CCLP Worldwide
  • Azzurro Italia
  • Organization of Emerging African States
  • Intelligence Bureau Investigation
  • International States Parliament for Safety and Peace
  • Patron Saint The Patron Saint of Cyberterra, the virtual capital, is Saint René Descartes (13 December).
    UMMOA historical notes

    After 6 May 2008, the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) was made up of twelve principal components:
    1. 11 islands, scattered across the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, i.e. the former United States Minor Outlying Islands (USMOI):
      Navassa Island, Bajo Nuevo Bank, Serranilla Bank, Jarvis Island, Palmyra Atoll, Kingman Reef, Johnston Atoll, Baker Island, Howland Island, Midway Atoll, and Wake Island;
    2. the UMMOA Community of Nations (CON).

    Many nations and micronations joined the UMMOA Community of Nations (CON) at this time.

    On 22 July 2008, the Supreme Council of the Presidency of the International States Parliament for Safety and Peace (ISPSP), New Society of the Nations, with the approval of His Excellency The Lord President, Monsignor Senator Viktor Busà, granted Accreditation and Official Status of Incorporation to the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA), also known as the Arcipelago Multioceanico delle Micronazioni Unite (AMOMU), with seat in the Caribbean Sea. The UMMOA is now recognised under international law and the Vienna Convention of 18 April 1961 (1963).

    The City of Cyberterra was originally founded in September 2002, but it wasn't until the concept of Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT) was introduced in August 2009 that Cyberterra began to morph into a Cesidian law jurisdiction, the episcopal see of the Cesidian Church, the capital of the UMMOA, and the thirteenth national component.

    On 6 August 2010, the fourteenth national component came into being.

    The UMMOA, a multi-oceanic archipelago governed by a quasi-federation of Fourth, Fifth and Sixth World nations, originally had 4 de jure embassies, i.e. potential embassies to the sovereign countries of the United States, Italy, Cameroon, and India. Seeing how difficult it is to gain even minimal legal status with sovereign states, the UMMOA registered the Fifth World Community (5WC) as the fourteenth national component, in order to begin to establish natural imperia for the application of Cesidian law, and within registered Cesidian law jurisdictions.

    With the birth of the Fifth World Community (5WC), the world's first diaxenospitia, certain pre-existing but unincorporated municipal, non-profit, and business corporations were grandfathered into the new territorial structure. Prior to the existence of the Fifth World Community (5WC), these legal entities were only registered with the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR), but were not fully incorporated into a terrestrial body.

    On 1 September 2010, however, the Fifth World Community's Division of Corporations became a necessity as a separate entity, since certain Ummoans wished to charter new corporations which are transnational, international, or glocal in scope.

    This extraordinary growth, in turn, forced a change in the original charter which was the basis for the membership of nations and micronations in the UMMOA Community of Nations (CON), since with the spectacular growth of the UMMOA the original charter had quickly become obsolete.

    The current charter

    Nations or micronations will be accepted as UMMOA members, regardless of whether they have other territorial claims, or not, so long they accept the following three fundamental points:
    Nations or micronations yield no sovereignty to UMMOA by joining the UMMOA quasi-federation. New York State and other states may have lost most sovereignty to the US federal government, and the same thing may already be happening in the European Union as well, but this in not the reason for the UMMOA quasi-federation. The UMMOA exists to provide any nation with claims, or with additional claims. It exists to support independence, to support sovereignty, not to stamp it out as other federal unions have done in the past. The UMMOA in fact exists to create a territorial imperium even where none existed before. These claims, will be in turn supported by the intelligence of UMMOA supporters, and hopefully with significant numbers of people, nations, and micronations, a significant neopower can grow, and reach its full potential.

    The UMMOA will try to add visibility to the micronational hobby/activity by granting any good-willed nation or micronation a stronger foundation for its claims to sovereignty and statehood. It will maximise both micronational independence, as well as micronational collective potential by leveraging the good work of others on multiple levels.

    The UMMOA will not concentrate more power into a particular leader, but gather more power in general to micronations and micronationalism. This project is not another impractical YAMO (yet another micronational organisation), nor does it exist for any other reason than the empowerment of many micronations, and the empowerment of micronationalism itself. We seek to make micronationalism (and macronationalism) more attractive to a greater number of people.

    The UMMOA aims to be as low budget as possible, for we do not wish to be a burden on the smallest and poorest nations, but it cannot guarantee it will remain expense-free forever, and the UMMOA is in fact already full of expenses. Substantial expenses are already a part of our daily reality. Real nation-building is neither a spectator sport, nor is it free of expenses in the long term.

    The UMMOA will make small demands on nations and micronations, and on their peoples' time. It cannot be expected of members to join the UMMOA without a membership fee, but also to contribute no time, no money, and no resources to the UMMOA. The UMMOA, with its high, altruistic, and peaceful ideals, cannot be expected shoulder all responsibility and expenses. For the growth of the UMMOA, volunteer work will need to become a common currency if it is to succeed in the short and longer term. Moreover, it cannot be expected for the UMMOA to grow only by increasing its debt burden in US dollars and other currencies, and without even the minimal consideration of its members.

    The UMMOA reserves the right to cancel the membership of any nation or micronation which fails to provide meaningful support to the UMMOA within a one year period. Annual reviews will be given to all members to ensure no nation or micronation is taking the UMMOA's efforts, investments, development, or future for granted. Guests who have overstayed their welcome will be booted out.

    The UMMOA also reserves the right to cancel the membership of any nation or micronation which fails ethically towards its own people or other peoples, which is abusive of human rights.


    If you believe in the general philosophy of the UMMOA, we urge you to join the UMMOA quasi-federation. There are no forms to sign, no particularly disabling obligations, but without your support, help, and enthusiasm, the UMMOA cannot reach even a single of its stated goals. If nothing is ventured, nothing can be gained.

    If you wish to register your nation or micronation for the UMMOA project, please fill-in the form below. Thank you for your time, and please spread the word in other forums, and to other nations.

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