Someone is paying taxes in the Fifth World!

I'll take a quote from a new book I'm attempting to write to introduce a few ideas:
...The "first part of the world", and the "second part of the world" were, according to ancient Greek mariners, Europe and Asia respectively. Subsequently, ancient Greek thinkers debated whether Africa — then called Libya — should be considered part of Asia, or a "third part of the world", and this three-part division of the Old World eventually came to predominate. With the discovery of America in the first half of the 16th century came the "fourth part of the world", and in the early 19th century came the "fifth part of the world" or Oceania. The Olympic symbol of five interlocking circles, where Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Ameri- cas are represented by five circles of blue, black, yellow, green and red respectively, is symbolic of all of these developments.

There are seven continents, but there is no "eighth continent". There is an Old World, and a New World, but there is no "Newest World". There are first, second, third, fourth and fifth parts of the world, but there is no "sixth part of the world".

Or so "the powers that be" would have you believe...
It is nothing new to the officers of the Cesidian Root that there is an "eighth continent", which also happens to be the "Newest World", and the historical "sixth part of the world".

While the aforementioned terms are seldomly used, Cesidian Root officers are well aware that such a world exists, because they work every day, or at least several days a week in the "eighth continent", in the "Newest World", in the historical "sixth part of the world". The historical "sixth part of the world" is more often described as the political Fifth World — a younger Sixth World also exists.

The Official or UN World is basically continental and demographically concen-trated by nature. The political Fifth World, on the other hand, is rather insular and demographically scattered in nature. These are not the only differences between the seven continents — which also describe parts of the political Fourth World — and the Fifth World, but the differences are distinct enough that it would be totally appropriate to speak of the Fifth World as an "eighth continent", a brand new, post-Columbian continent, and we should specify that we do not speak of a "New World" like the Americas, but in reality of a "Newest World".

Ambassadors of the UMMOA also realise that there is such a thing as a Fifth World for similar reasons, and so do SIGNOR Games Board of Regents Members, or Saint René Descartes University Alumni, Fellows, Faculty, or Board of Regents Members.

However, the Fifth World doesn't exist just because many people already volun- teer in it, and even share physical resources like root servers.

On 3 June 2012 (Jeuday 25 Fleming 2012), a gentleman became the first person to voluntarily pay UMMOA taxes!

Yes, you've read that well: someone is actually paying Fifth World taxes, and he doesn't need to pay taxes to use the Cesidian Root, nor will the Cesidian Root cut his service if he doesn't pay his monthly subscription!

So most people don't even know that the Fifth World (and a younger Sixth World) exists, and yet there is even a taxpayer paying real US dollars monthly, and yes, there is even a Receiver of Taxes!

Other taxes you didn't know about:
US taxpayer-funded GM salmon
compared to natural salmon

Perhaps at this point you're thinking that Governor Tallini won the lottery, and some man from some wealthy country in the First World, with money to spare, has become the world's first Fifth World taxpayer, right?

Wrong! The world's first Fifth World taxpayer is actually living far away from the morally and economically bankrupt First World, and on an island considered part of the African continent! So go ahead: tell me I'm rich because I was born in the United States of America! The real American Dream is materialising on islands off the African coastline, I tell you!

Yes, the Fifth World is weak, but it is, nonetheless, alive and well, and there is even Common law (or jus commune) evidence that it exists.

If you wish to become a Fifth World taxpayer as well, the Receiver of Taxes assures you your money will not be spent on tanks, machine guns, and other items that neither feed children, nor educate them. The UMMOA has two Cesidian Root annual subscription options: a $5-a-month option for students or people with very limited incomes, and a $10-a-month option. If you are an UMMOA National already, helping the UMMOA out through volunteer efforts, and/or through a Cesidian Root annual subscription, is a great way to show that you are a real Ummoagian, and you do all you can to further our precious work! You can contact the Governor of the UMMOA at the web form below for additional information: