UMMOA passes Second Vermont Republic

In past research, which started back in February 2008, when the Commonwealth Nations Research Society (CNRS) was born, I observed that Taiwan, the most successful Fourth World nation, had a Quality of Life index of 7.259, i.e. somewhere in between that of Greece (7.163) and that of Austria (7.268) in quantitative terms.

By relating the known Quality of Life (QoL) figures available, with the Human Development Index (HDI) figures, and excluding questions of sovereignty, it appeared that Taiwan had a HDI figure of about 0.934, placing it just above New Zealand under a purely economic perspective.

However, Taiwan is only the most successful Fourth World nation in both economic and sovereignty terms, and so in a comprehensive political-economic scale the nation can be placed only under the country of Niger (HDI = 0.281), the country then with the world's lowest HDI.

A comparable figure of 0.262 was calculated for Taiwan in relation with lowest possible HDI of 0.000, and Niger's HDI figure of 0.281.

Other Fourth and Fifth World nations were rated with the same spreadsheet that rated Taiwan, a spreadsheet called 'Fourth and Fifth World Calculator' (4-5WCalc). Independent Long Island, the least developed Fourth World nation, had a rating of 0.058.

So the borders of the six known political worlds were fixed with a special extension of the Human Development Index (HDI):
  • First World (0.788-0.963)
  • Second World (0.560-0.787)
  • Third World (0.281-0.559)
  • Fourth World (0.058-0.280)
  • Fifth-Sixth Worlds (0.000-0.057)
Back in February 2008, the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) had a calculated rating of 0.052, placing its level of development in the upper portion of the Fifth-Sixth Worlds.

The Second Vermont Republic measured 0.070 in 4-5WCalc, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application, placing it well within the Fourth World in its level of development, and significantly above Independent Long Island (0.058).

By January 2009, the UMMOA rated 0.060, apparently just within Fourth World.

On 15 August 2012 I found those files again, and I decided to repeat the calculations at least for the UMMOA, to see if any progress had been made.

Well, the UMMOA now rates 0.088, not only well within the Fourth World (and the UMMOA is really a Fifth World nation for the territorial claims and general philosophy it possesses), but the UMMOA has surpassed the Second Vermont Republic (0.070) at the peak of its development!

Here are the comparative numbers within the Fourth World:
0.262 Taiwan
0.070 Second Vermont Republic (peak)
0.067 Independent Long Island (peak)
By performing several kinds least-squares best fit tests with the four available UMMOA data points through the Wolfram|Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine, I was able to calculate the ideal curve for the data, an exponential curve:

0.0525174 e0.000314675x

By simplifying the equation above — with a little algebra and logarithmic rules — we discover that if

aebx = 0.262

That is, if the equation above is equal to the HDI value for Taiwan, then

x = [ln(0.262)] ÷ {b[ln(a) + ln(e)]}


x = [ln(0.262)] ÷ {0.000314675 [ln(0.0525174) + 1]}


x ≈ 2186.62

What does all this mean? It means this: if present trends continue, about 2,187 days ahead of 11 February 2008, or by 6 February 2014, the UMMOA will equal Taiwan in development!

What all of this exactly means is anyone's guess, but it is clear that the UMMOA will defy all expectations for either a Fifth or a Fourth World nation.

HMRD Cesidio Tallini