France, or at least AFNIC, at war with the UMMOA

The .TF is the Internet ccTLD for the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (France). Along with .FR and .RE, it is administered by AFNIC.

On 5 May 2012, all French Southern and Antarctic Lands in addition of Aphrodite Island, and with the exception of Adélie Land (now known as Fabian Gottlieb Land or Terra Fabiana), have been recognised as UMMOA allodial title claims by the Organization of Emerging African States (OEAS).

After that date, Cesidian Root officers have selectively taken over certain domains within the .TF ccTLD. These working domains are now administered entirely by the Cesidian Root:
  •  (Terra Fabiana)
  •  (Terra Firma)
  •  (Tallini Track & Field)
  •  (Terra Fabiana)
  •  (Terra Fabiana)
  •  (The Tallini Family)
  •  (The Tallini Family)
  •  (Saint René Descartes University)
  •  (Centre for Cesidian Law)
  •  (Salubriology School)
  •  (Fifth World Agricultures Technologies and Solutions)
So Cesidian Root users can resolve both of these domains...
...with the same end result. However, the first domain is administered by AFNIC, while the second is administered independently by the Cesidian Root.

Recently United Domains has made the registration of .TF domains available to almost anyone, and at relatively reasonable prices ($9.90 per annum). If you try to register any of the domains mentioned above with United Domains, you realise that yes, they are all taken, yet none of the domains actually work in the ICANN DNS space!

But the news is even more clear if you try something else. If you try to register the domain, you also realise that it is also taken, yet Cesidian Root officers had not selectively taken that specific domain!

Yes, the UMMOA is natio non grata to AFNIC, and possibly to France as well. So now it is not just the United States Department of the Interior which cannot stand the UMMOA. Even AFNIC, and possibly France, thinks the UMMOA is a genuine, almost certified, enfant terrible!